Cipriani South Street

New York, New York

11.18.20 Cipriani South Street | New York, NY

Insights. Inspiration. Infinite Returns.

Thursday, November 18, 2020

Cipriani South Street | New York

Practical advice and insights backed by inspiration to think and act with boldness—that’s the Groundbreakers format. Ten years running, it’s become the gathering place for women on the rise.

Come as You Are

About half of Groundbreakers attendees come as part of a team. A growing number of organizations capitalize on the event as part of their in-house training for their women leaders; others as a big thank you to a job well done. A large group are women leaders working in smaller firms or solo eager to network. Some are in career transition, ready to tackle unknown territories. Whatever your purpose and position—Toigo says welcome and get ready for a day (and beyond) of challenging and expanding your view of leadership and yourself.

Support What Matters

Sponsorship of Groundbreakers is a great way to send a clear message: You value women leaders.
Reach out today to see what level of sponsorship makes sense for your brand and team.

Explore What’s Possible

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