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Nancy Sims

Does it feel like we’ve been having the same conversation for years?
“We need more female leaders.”
“More women on boards.”
“We need to find ways to manage and motivate our teams—and create a culture of inclusion where all leaders thrive.”

It’s time to break new ground.

The leadership agenda for women—and the conversations around it—have changed dramatically since we launched Groundbreakers seven years ago. We knew the importance of women as a driver of change and the need for women to have a forum where they could examine their own leadership strengths and challenges and learn how to move forward from a position of strength. We didn’t anticipate the dramatic and important shift of the conversations and conviction.

The need for this type of forum for leadership development is greater than ever. To have a lasting impact, it needs to entail more than speakers sharing brilliant ideas, tips and techniques; the counsel needs to be grounded in what matters and presented in a way that helps spark new thinking immediately and down the road when you’re back at work. The ideas and exchange must be rigorous and robust enough for you to apply the learning in your own life, and share it with your teammates to make them stronger leaders, too.

Toigo’s Groundbreakers Summit remains true to its original intent: A forum where the investment is in you. It also reflects the Toigo mission to bring greater diversity to the table where key decisions are made. Within the room, that means diversity on all fronts—women of color, women from finance, media/entertainment, public service, philanthropy and more. While there’s tremendous value delivered by the speakers we feature, the interactions and exchanges with each other are key, too. That magic only comes from gathering women leaders in a setting where each brings the courage and confidence to be candid, share and to listen.

The growing response to Groundbreakers is proof we’re on the right track—and that we’re all hungry for insights, support and a trusted network. When we set out to create Groundbreakers, a few senior women stepped up providing insights into what they wish was available to them as they were navigating their way forward. One of those leaders was the late Lisa Quiroz of Time-Warner. Her impact as a Groundbreaker and her legacy of excellence will be forever valued by Toigo—and beyond. We thank the Time Warner Center for its support of Toigo Groundbreakers for the past seven years and for the many firms who will be represented by this year’s event.

Nancy Sims
President & CEO, Toigo Foundation


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