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Groundbreakers RISE FAQs

Who is the ideal RISE candidate?

Women working within private equity—either on the GP or LP side—for seven to ten years are the ideal candidate. Individuals will be rising within their organization and are likely at or approaching a key inflection point in the role. With added leadership training and support, the candidate will gain confidence and skills needed to rise within the organization.

Our firm has a leadership development program, why isn’t that enough?

We realize some firms have valuable programs that support rising leaders. Toigo’s RISE leverages the fundamentals of leadership development with unique dialogue, coaching, and a setting to build bonds with peers as they support each other through the development curriculum. Based on Toigo’s Groundbreakers and Fellowship experiences, we have seen the value open exchange of ideas in a small “class” setting provides to all. Additionally, with the support of a coach from within the private equity industry, the candidate gets additional perspective on their development.

The tuition to participate is $7500—is that paid up front?

Yes. Once a candidate nomination has been approved to be a RISE participant, the firm will be billed by Toigo for that tuition. The tuition covers Toigo’s cost to organize the program, secure expert trainers and workshop leaders and provide the ongoing support to the RISE class during their class year.

What if the RISE participant leaves the firm mid-year—can the firm select another participant to take her place?

Yes. Toigo will work with the firm to “onboard” a new candidate. An additional leadership diagnostic will be conducted, with a fee of $500 to cover that expense.

My firm opted not to support my application—may I apply on my own?

Self-nominations are welcomed. In this case, if approved, the participant’s tuition would be paid by the individual.

I work for an allocator—not on the GP side. Will the training, curriculum and networking be relevant to me?

We believe strongly in the value of brining GPs and LPs within the private equity arena together as part of this leadership development experience. The curriculum is leadership focused vs PE firm management focused. Our goal is to have a mix of viewpoints and career paths represented as Toigo believes this drives a richer, more robust outcome. When pairing each RISE participant with a coach from the PEWIN network or within the PE industry generally, we will strive to find an individual with experience that also includes an LP-element as we understand the challenges, decision-making processes and culture of a foundation/endowment or institutional investor likely differs than the GP-side. While there will likely be a larger concentration of women from the GP side, we believe the learning, exchanges and networking will be valuable for all participants.

What are the curriculum components for RISE?

  • The curriculum includes a mix of in-person training, assessments and online learning.
  • Personalized Leadership Assessment: A detailed assessment will be conducted in January 2020, prior to RISE | Austin training session in late February, with findings shared with each participant during that session. The assessment serves as a starting point for identifying and building on individual strengths and areas for further development.
  • RISE | Austin: The formal program begins with a 2-day leadership development launch in Austin, February 26 – 27 with in-depth training. RISE candidates will receive their assessment, coupled with discussions and coaching to map out a go-forward development plan. Candidates will be paired with a coach, either in-person or a virtual connection. Additional sessions will include senior PE professionals sharing insights about navigating key challenges—from leading teams and presenting to senior decision-makers and more.
  • RISE | Quarterly Training Sessions: Three additional in-person training sessions will be held in 2020. Locations will be held in major metro areas. The schedule will be announced during the RISE | Austin event.
  • Virtual Office Hours: Working with PEWIN professionals and other industry leaders, Groundbreakers RISE participants can take advantage of set “office hours” to ask and exchange ideas on how to navigate situations. This open forum is intended as a way for participants to access added senior support. Situations addressed will not be deal specific, but will focus on addressing leadership dynamics of navigating situations.
  • Online Training: Throughout 2020, a series of webinars and podcasts will be made available to RISE participants as a way to supplement their leadership training. PE-specific quantitative and modeling sessions, plus sessions on personal branding, team dynamics and more will be offered.

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